9 Feb 12

In the last year,I've homework which will never finish on time.
I felt the stress and it's very desperate.
I know the feeling of reaching success is great but before that might be a little bit suffer.
Just to try my best and it's for fun,don't ever take it too serious. As long as I know what should I do.
Still I love movies but I don't think I can spend my time to enjoy that anymore.The least is just one month once and what I do every weekends is just sitting in the library and READ!
Sometimes I can't pay attention with somebody around me so I've to stay alone.
Just have to back to reality as everyone's chasing a luxurious life,it's just simply looks cruel.
But I don't. What I love is just natural and knowledge,I wish to know more but not get more nonsense.
I always believe that human can always get himself what he wanted but not depend on others.
What others get you is not yours coz you never try it yourself.
Everything seems hard for me right now but think of the time I came over it,that's just nothing,anymore.
I promise myself that I'll never regret because of never try my best and once I did,I'll get what I wanted.
Ignore something that can affects me and I'm take it very serious now as I know how important of my future. I know what I really want and I don't think too much,do what I should do before the time coming. That's all.
There's a possibility to fail my Chinese. It's really difficult to get well.
I feel to give up that sometimes. :(
I'll start the class by tomorrow,gonna stay back after school. :(


My babe's BIG DAY! ❤

What an AWESOME day for us.
It's Joyce's 17th birthday last night and we had fun a lot.
The moment when we're all together is always the best.Just awesome.
I'll never forget the day.This is the last year for us and I do appreciate it very much.
I believe that we'll get together again if the friendship's true.
And I believe it.
I ate non-stop all the day especially the cake which made by Joyce! :p
You know,I never scare to gain my weight and I won't diet if that's really happen.
Thanks for Joyce's mum to prepared all the food.All are really niceeee!<3
I'll miss it. :)


TAAADAAA! All the gifts. The bear is obviously CUTE right?? :D
The gift attracted me coz I think she'll like it. At last I asked for few of my friends' opinion and they said this is cute. And yal she loves it! :D

Wrote it so damn fast but all are trueee. :p

OHHHH...A good ending.Hahaha.

We're growing without knowing.
I promise to do better and better if the world's not going to end.And now I'll do my best before it coming.


Welcome HOLIDAYS everyone! ❤

Gosh...I can't believe the examination was FINISHED!
How exhausted of keep fighting for it,it's been a month.

Sien Ting said he feels like wanna KISS somebody! LOL! :D 

I expected this since last night,I spent a night to write my note named REALISED.
This is something good I wish to share,it's a self-help way which introduce by Carnegie.
Sounds GOOD right? :D
Spend a day from a week to think back and point out things that you think you'd done it wrongly with a strong feeling of regret.Change the things that you pointed out,you'll fix yourself well at your target.
Trust me you'll get younger with this. XD
It reduces your worries in fact. :)

Discuss ambitions with ah Yang everyday,but don't know what to do still.==
Maybe you love this but it won't bargains anything back.SICK.==
Passion on job and passion on money is two different things which categories as replacement for each other,I must prefer one of it with the condition of give up another one.
Someone MOTIVATES me please? 

Seriously,we must appreciate what we have right now.
Especially the matter of friendship.
Once you step into 16st life,you'll realised everything is just flies so fast.
Nobody forces you to be a good boy/girl,teaches you step by step with his patient even care you so much like a lower form pupil.
Homework is getting more and more until you really feel exhausted to keep on catch it up everyday,you never realised you've reduced your sleeping time with your working hard.
Of course,these ain't a trouble but it's just a remind for you that the graduation is not far away from your life,please appreciate EVERYTHING in your life.
For sure you'll feel the stress,it leads to desperate,that is a hard time,you can't come with it alone and you will not,with friends along. :)

I got it.
Be in this class may be senseless for others but it's a meaningful part in my life.
I feel the friendship in stress.
Impression is just nothing when we feel the pain of laughing hard.
You know,it's the best pain in life. ;) ❤
Once we dream of future,we got that it's not far away from now.
When the time we reach our dream is coming,
The feeling of say goodbye is seriously too hard anyway.
Promise to greet and give a hug if we got to see anyone of us in future,is it okay? :)
I treasure EVERYTHING happens with us. :>

Lunch with Francis kid as I promised,he's a quite kind guy.
Had Nadeje afterward.
Thanks Casendra to accompany me interview at HI-STYLE,otherwise I shall not get the job. :D
I saw Ihsan as well when I'm waiting for mum.hee!

I enjoyed the day with Angela and Andrew,laughs a lot and we watched SLEEPWALKER.
Damn it,the sound effect really scary.==
Not very nice as I expected,available in 3D with nothing appears.

Seriously a nice day for me. I got the best pain in my stomach. :D
Sometimes I really glad that I have a friend who has the same interested with me,it's hard to get one.No matter what's his/her gender,I just be the way I'm.
So I realised I just being like a boy more than a girl sometimes,I lost control lost impression when something or someone makes me laugh non-stop.

Flirting is something hard for me,boys are fear to girls be through a boy being way.
Thanks my sista Andrew recommended books for me and helped to carry my mum's things to the car.

I got a new book named ''Foundation of Motivation''. 

Tomorrow I gotta have movie with my dear. ^^
We're free now after the Final.
Expecting a nice day. ^^

Please don't judge me as how you think if you don't even know me,if you are,then you must used to be busybody like aunties in the morning market.
I accept everyone although he/she doesn't means as I.
You can mad on somebody with something wrong he made but you can't hate somebody without any reason.

I'm responsible on how I treat you like a friend but not responsible on how you love me or hate me.
What I wanted is always a friend than a lover,I just wanna concentrate on my study.
You tolerate all when you like me but you blame on me when I can only like you as a friend.
I can accept everything but if you make me feel senseless,that's mean you really be like that.
You're not deserve to insult me as you're being the wrong way and look at yourself at the mirror before you deserve to comment on me.
I hate boastful man anyway.

Sorry that I'm just selfish and I know it.
I respect you but I love myself.
The thing I know is just to be a good friend and daughter. :)

I'm glad to started my life with show my ability to live well.
I got a job and I'm going to be an independent girl. ^^
Once I got to interview I was so scare,but then I succeed and everything seems well with a good starting.Teehee. 

Happy Holiday all dears,may God bless you and enjoy your holidays. ^^ ❤


31 Oct 11

Well,have a nice talk with Joyce and Chia Wei on last Saturday night,I was in Old Town,that's a raining night.
No any costume and party during Halloween night coz I'm still having exam.
SIGH! They wasted for a month for examination,how can they be so lazy?==
Anyway,I shall keep fighting until the end.

I've keep thinking of what I love to do since I've recovered from the wound.
It's been a year and the thing is I can't comfirm what I really wish to do.
Such a big plan from choosing a course to a school,I wish I would like it and what I study is useful in my career.
So I bought many books about my favorite courses to study while revise like a dog for my SPM.
This might be so stupid coz making myself suffering but then it's an entertainment for me since that is what I interested in.
Fighting is meaningful although it doesn't make sense on study what I dislike zzZ...

I swear,I must go back to Rembia after exam!!!
Gonna have a Prom night in December with my babe! ^.^

Something irritates me last 2 weeks but when the days leave from my upset with my babes accompany and caring along,there's my sunny day again.Muahaha! :D
I have no secret and I tell what happened on me.

Yes,it is a deepest secret in my heart.I felt better from let it go or buried in the deepest again.
It's a long distance memory which pretty with scars,well it couldn't last forever,great.

If you try hard to get it but it doesn't gives any response just accept it fatally.
God will always do the rest on every good of us,he arranges every single thing with his reason behind,so I obey when it really gets hard.
If something leaves you just let it.
If it comes back it means yours.
If it doesn't,it never was and never meant to be.
There's sure one you like but it's not perfect as how you wish in your mind,sad thing is you still love it although you realised  it.
You'll lost more as you're holding something which is not belong to you tightly.It's just like killing yourself to end your life.Even worse than that.
If you dare to falling for someone,then you must be dare to let yourself get out from the relation when everything is over.
Remember of pride of being a girl,no matter how many times you've fell down because of somebody hurt you,certainly you must be tough but you must keep your kindness to everyone including the one who hurts you and the others that speaking bad of you.
Jealousy will turns one looks terrible but kindness makes one looks well every moment.

Ah girl said she love herself more after been wound.
I said I love money more after someone kicked me to the hell. :>

I earn it by myself and I work hard for future,no cares about how hard is it and no worries in future as well.



26 Oct 11

Must not involve in each others' life anymore.
We're totally changed a lot as what I told h**.
We don't ever become a friend so please,never distract,too. 
I'm sorry that I never wish you well every year,it's too enough ended up with a wish on wall,I can't do much coz I can't get over too much when I was clear.
Dear God,please don't mess up my life again. 
This is too great now. ;)

Girl,go and get him if you love him.
Useless to mad on me,I couldn't do anything in fact.
God arranges the destiny,obey him.
I wish you both sincerely if you get it come true. :)

I love when the sunlight shines on me to wake me up,thanks I was alive with smiles.
I read my beloved book,it cheers me to expect life would gives me surprises,darlings know that and love that as well,exactly a good recommended. ;)

I killed Economic and Perdagangan,it's time for movie and swim with my darlings.
I love the feeling of enjoy movie still,Paranormal3,Love U U,What's your number? and so on.
Gosh I must catch up!
Paranormal with ah girl  Ca and Koh on Thurs.I wish my girl is fine. haiz.

Gonna meet up with my babes after exam,seriously can't wait.

Went to my aunt's Deepavali open house just now.
Gonna attend my cousin's wedding soon,with sari must be something fresh for me.Awaiting...

My dear appeared,gonna share a lot.

I may be a good friend but not a good lover,I never trained so to be.
Men I walked with aren't what people think of,I'm just try to be a friend that's all.
The main purpose of living still is not to care about those who hate you but those who loves you.

Thanks God everyday and I expect sunshine,I believe in what I expected. :)


22+23 Oct ❤ The Best Day Ever. ;)

庆祝AH GIRL 的生日一整天,然后疯了一天。
生日快乐啦~我们都很爱你~你要好好的生活,好好考试,然后好好的当你的STEWARDESS,然后幸福很久很久。只要你快乐,我就会很快乐了。 :) <3
He asked me don't lean,but he did.Gosh!

Your secret is safe with me. ;)


14 Oct 11

Finally it's Friday and I done English papers!My God loves me. :D
I can rest well for today.Am going to library tomorrow.
No outing mood.Reading poison.

Halo kids,I know you guys have released from PMR,but there's no need to shout like nut to spoke such things.Exactly come from villages.There will be your turn soon.
No manners.
Play the boom some more,you suffering from mental retardation?

Now I have half of the day to read my books before the coming of tomorrow.

I love a person who can loves himself than me but not admire himself,this is much worth and priceless.
Just an express ,no worries.==
I shall keep myself unavailable until I do well in SPM. Tehee! :D

Ouch!!I love him!!

14 Oct 11

每次考试一到就给我来出状况,很要我的命。 浪费了我六个小时半的时间昏睡。==

现在听曹格的歌,看一本迟来的书,极品。 :D






11 Oct 11

Final in coming in another 24 hours.
I absent today to study at home.I can't sleep anymore.
Went to Movida on Wednesday with ah girl and Koh Yue Sun,three peoples also can buang like nuts haha!And then went for movie with Chia Wei on Saturday.Studied with Joyce,Aaron and Bryan at Jusco,it's fun to get a special friend,so nice,Joyce and I keep laughing in Coffee Bean! XD
I love them always,never lost them. <3

I didn't sleep at all last night for my study,too stress.
C'on I need confidence to fight for tomorrow!
Coffee can always wake me up!

Alright I blocked you.You got to know the reasons.
You're a kinder garden teacher but what you did is just all wolf being.
You involved in twice of my relationship before and messed up everything.
I bear it all at last because of your innocent acting.WTF==
You may think of I'm care about them so I get mad but please this is just another thing and unfortunately I knew what you did.
You look pure and innocent but I know about myself as well,I'll never wound anyone although I wounded.Take both of them then,who cares?

I really get mad that's why!


2 October 11

Wish you're glad with everything of yesterday!!
We're so crazy last night!We walked under a very hot weather like sizzling fishes and then took bus to Jusco,

An accident happened when we going to get down from the bus,good heaven don't ever try to stand on the stages coz the doors could hurt people.
The K box seemed like a club with the attendance of us,PARTY ROCK!!
When I got call from ah girl I was scared man,she said she's in Johor!But finally she came with ikan and Xiao Jun,she'll always makes thing comes true,LOVESS!!
I love them them so muchhhhhhh!

My life turned to normal mode right now,there's a long time I never been wake up so early in the morning without a clock.
I realised how's the feeling of release from the hell since I don't even touch my book today,I'm so nervous with my final but then it's settled.yeahhhhhhh!! ==
Met with Ah Man and Li Pin and then I saw my beloved cousin and Iris jie jie was having sushi in 一番屋...I wanted to go to Breek's cafe so badly!!I don't mind to become fatty actually!
And then went for a movie.The Socerer and the White Snake.You guys must see that!The effect is damn nice! Especially the actress,she's so pretty and I envy her black iris!
I'd promise Jordan to watch it second round just now.
I comfirm he won't laughs like insane inside and being like a monkey anymore since he attracted by this movie.
Do you used to heard somebody can laugh loudly when he's watching Insidious? He must be the first one lah! Insane uncle!不像样!I'll throw my shoes towards his face if he laugh some more!hahaha!
I can shower in the cinema for a day,as long as I can enjoy it very well,I'll do it one day with my dear.She loves that too :D
Exhausted man!!My blood circulation isn't good lol!
I felt so shy today man!My heartbeat keeps increasing as long as I sit on the table,my nervous betrayed me,it stuck my mouth when I'm going to answer something,aiyer I hate myself ><

Stay me away lah my shy ><
I met a lots of my friends,those greets has made a good day.

Went for dinner and then they went to Paya Mengkuang,I'd rather stay at home alone instead of go there,those children always make me desperate!==

Something would be the best without keep changing anymore,my heart measures it.
Thanks God everyday. <3


My heartbeat was keep increasing last night.
When I close my eyes and think of Final,I feel so nervous and scare of there's a red mark on my paper!==
Now the chapters is getting harder,or I should check my brain?Is it getting more like dumb? 
14 days to go,what should I do now? My brain is empty,where's what have I studied? S.O.S! :(